ANIMAL SUPPLIES                       FEED                                     DISPLAY
Brushes                                                 Feed                                       Brochures
Bucket Hooks                                    Feed Scoop                        Business Cards
Bungies                                                  Hay                                         Folding Chairs
Chains                                                    Range Cubes                     Folding Table(s)
Clippers                                                 Salt Blocks                          Herd Book
Conditioner                                        Treats                                    Picture Frames
Dog Crate                                                                                               Table Cloth
Duct Tape                                                                                               Zebu Info Frame
Feed Dishes                                        BOTTLE BABIES                              
Fly Spray                                               Bottle(s)                               EXHIBIT
Halters                                                   Bowl/Wisk                          Animal Name Signs
Hay Nets                                               Measuring Cups              Electrical Strip
Leads                                                       Milk Replacer                   Extension Cords
Manure Fork                                      Nipple(s)                               Farm Banners
Measuring Stick                               Soap/Detergent               Health Certificates             
Gates/Corral Panels                                                                         Registration Book
Muck Bucket                                                                                         Sheet Protectors
Muck Bucket Cart                                                                              Trash Bucket
Paper Towels                                                                                         Ze'Orange DeLite Banner
Plastic (under hay)                                                                             Zip Ties
Push Broom                                        TOOLS                      
Rope                                                        Flashlight                 
Scoop Shovel                                      Hammer                               
Shampoo                                               Jack                            
Show Stick                                           Screw Drivers                     PERSONAL
Snaps                                                      Screw Gun & Bits              Beverages
Spray Nozzle                                      Tire Wrench                         Blankets
Straw Broom                                     Wrenches                               Boots
Tack Box/Keys                                 Spare Trailer Keys             Camera
Tie Chains                                           Trash Can                                Farm Shirts/Jackets
Tie Outs                                                                                                      Food
Towels & Wash Rag                                                                             Gloves
Wash Bucket                                                                                            I-Pad
Water Buckets                                                                                        Pillow(s)
Water Hose                                                                                              Reservation Info    

Wheel Barrow                                                                                         Show Info Folder

Other Miniature Zebu organizations

International Miniature Zebu Assoc.



This page is a constant work in progress so please scroll down and check back frequently for updates and new material.

American Miniature Zebu Assoc.


            Forms for registering your zebus with AMZA are available at and with IMZA at If you have any questions about filling out the registration forms you can call the appropriate organization and they will be more than happy to assist you.

            Since our cows are mini cattle it is sometimes harder to find halters that fit them correctly. Mini Cattle Supply carries both nylon and leather halters for our little ones. They do come in various sized and colors. Their website is

            It is very common for your cows to be hungrier during the winter months. When the temperatures dip down they require 20% more hay. They also appreciate shelter to get out of the winter elements, even in the southern states.

            How often you will need to trim your cattle’s hooves can depend on your feeding program. The more grain and protein you feed your cows the faster their hooves will grow. Hooves that are too long will affect the way they walk and can permanently injure their pasterns and fetlocks. Almost all Zebu in Florida require hoof trimming at least once per year to maintain their health and safety.

            You can dehorn a cow at any age but the younger the calf the easier it is on them and you. The hotter the iron the better it is for dehorning. Bulls have a wider base on their horns than heifers and cows. You may also want to give the cow an antibiotic shot just to help with any infections that may occur after they are dehorned. A wound spray should be applied to the horn bases until they are healed up.

            When the time comes to put your bulls back in with your cows you can make available to them (cows and bulls) a protein tub. A good protein tub to use is a 30% Purina Protein Tub available at most Tractor Supply stores and other farm suppliers. The nutrients and vitamins that they receive from this tub helps prepare them for becoming pregnant and carrying their baby. It also helps with the bulls sperm count. Worming your bulls approximately 30 days prior to breeding will also help them.

            The birthing time for a first time heifer to calf can take up to four hours. After that it should only take them up to two hours. There are also two bags that the cow will have at delivery. The first bag is filled with fluid and the second bag is the calf. If the second bag breaks while inside of the cow you will want to keep a very close eye on her. If the umbilical cord becomes detached the baby has only approximately 20 minutes to live. The problem with this is you don’t know if the cord is attached or not. If this happens you may have to pull the calf. A few helpful items you may want to have on hand are a snare and some birthing chains. Both of these items can be purchased from If your cow doesn’t clean out within 24 hours after having her calf she is more than likely low in calcium. You will need to give her some calcium which can be purchased at most feed stores. You can also try crushing up TUMS and giving it to her in her feed.

            It is very important for your newborn calf to receive colostrum for the first 24 hours of life. If the calf does not appear to have nursed off of momma you should try to give it a bottle of colostrum. After the first 24 hours the calf does not retain the full nutritional value of the colostrum so you can start to feed the calf milk replacer or medicated milk replacer at that time.

            Weaning to the Farmer’s Almanac does seem to work. The babies and moms will still cry for each other but it does not seem to be as bad. Prior to weaning you will want to make sure that the calf is eating grain and hay with their moms. Most will wean their calves anywhere from 3-4 months of age.

            Worming should begin for new babies at three months and every three months thereafter until they reach a year old. Then worming can be every six months after that. You should also alternate your wormer from Ivermectin Products to Cydectin Products. Alternating the de-wormer used prevents your cows from becoming immune to it.

            If you plan on castrating a bull it is best to do at a young age to prevent excessive bleeding and the healing process will be shorter. Banding is also an option if you choose to castrate at an older age.

            If at any time you need to have a vet visit you should always inform the vet with as much information about the cow as possible. Always let them know if the cow is pregnant or could possibly be pregnant. There are some medications that should not be administered to a pregnant cow.

            Some items you may want to have available on your farm at all times are:
OB Chains and Handle
OB Gloves
Needles – 16Gx1 for cows
                       18Gx1 for calves

Filson Calf Table
800-345-7434  (Ask for Kendal)
Filson's Calf Table with modifications made for miniature zebu. When ordering this calf table the customer needs to let Kendal know they need the Miniature Zebu modifications. There are multiple adjusts to this calf table that allows you to use this on little ones (3 month olds) up to adults.