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The zebu is a species of cattle originating in South Asia. Zebu are characterized by a fatty hump on their shoulders. They are well adapted to withstanding high temperatures, and are raised throughout the tropical countries. Zebu are not "bred down" from other species of cattle, but are genetically the same as they've been for thousands of years. In Asia, Africa and South America Zebu are used as draft oxen, dairy cattle and beef cattle. In Florida and around the United States Zebu are also raised as pets and competitively shown much like pure-bred dogs or horses.

The Florida Miniature Zebu Association is made up of a group of individuals and families that share a passion for the Zebu breed. The small size and gentle nature of the breed make them ideal for folks with smaller land parcels, owners who are concerned about land impact, feed economy and overall cost, and handling by children, FFA and 4H participants.

Dedicated to preserving and promoting the world's smallest cattle